Q & A Session with founder of MGOT Clothing

Q & A Session with Clevon Jones

What does MGOT mean?
Money Grows On Trees

What else do you like that grows on trees?
Everything…the whole process of planting a seed and reaping the harvest…its how I live my life and the reason behind the name of my clothing line…I planted a seed when I started my line…now I’m seeing money and reaping my harvest…so money does grow on tress!

What does MGOT clothing mean to you as a lifestyle?
I feel it symbolizes being outspoken, unique, silly, whatever you are as a person.

Before we contacted you did you know about www.itsthetown.com and what were your thoughts about it, be honest were still going to post up the interview, we need honest feedback?
I heard about it, then I had a chance to check it out, I see a lot of people with websites. I always have people asking me to check out their site, and they never have anything on them. You guys actually have something with your site. I like seeing people in the City out here grinding like me…

What part of the town are you from?

What type of kid were you in high school?
Everybody knew me but I was real quiet

Worst outfit you've ever worn
In H.S. my boys tried to get me to go to a dance…I wore these khaki Dickies with a dress shirt it was horrible

Do you have a picture?
Hell no…

Fashion and Music usually have connections, what kind of musical influences do you have, or that are incorporated in your designs
A lot of my designs come from Hip hop music, but I listen to Rock, Rap, and R&B too.

Do you have a favorite artist?
Method Man..he’s raw and he has the ability to be professional too. I think its important to be who you are, and be professional when it comes to your profession.

What other towns is MGOT currently stocked in?
I’m working on getting my stuff in Atlanta, Miami, and even Lawrence, KS…college towns bring all types of different cultures in one spot.

When was the first time you saw somebody that you didn't know rocking your clothes? Did you feel like the fiveheartbeats when they first heard their song on the radio?
I was at the club and I saw someone with one of my shirts on. It was a monumental moment for me.

How many times have you seen somebody rocking your tees and wanted to go snatch it right off of them
I couldn’t see myself telling someone how to wear my stuff. I didn’t make my line for a certain group of people, or nothing like that. I made it for everyone. I want people to make it their own and wear it the way they want.

What stores around the town are you currently carried in
Shop Shop, 7thHeaven, Wax Factory, and One Way Clothing

What other lines around town, do you think are doing their thing?
It seems like everyone has a clothing line now, and I love it. I’m not big headed about that, I’m a fan of fashion. And I’m not an asshole to anyone either. I try to give advise to anyone I can…my mentor always told me to be consistent…that how you measure your hustle

What advise would you give to someone who into fashion?
My mentor always told me to be consistent…that how you measure your hustle

What's up with a shirt for Kansas City?
I have two ready. I drew them a while ago…they’re coming

Give us another person, place or pleasure you think we should feature next?
City Boys Clothing

When are you going to come out with a season of t-shirts that match every KC fitted in the landing mall?
It was this guy that gave me an idea to have a shirt that match every Jordan that comes out. I thought that was hot. I haven’t thought about making shirts to match every KC fitted but I deffinitely looking into it.

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