Q & A Session with DJ Sun-Up Jones

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DJ Fresh, DJ Drama, DJ Sun-Up Jones

1. What separates you fromm other DJs in KC?
Versatility…I can go spin in any black or white club…weather its Mosaic in KCPL or Club Zen

2. What’s one song that you can play at any club that can get the crowd hyped?
M.I.A…paper planes

3. What’s one of the biggest perks to being a DJ?
No dress code…I wear what I want


4. Worst experience you’ve ever had as a DJ
I haven’t had a lot of those…I love djing…this is what I do…but it was this one time this guy didn’t want pay me after a gig

5. Can you ever see yourself owning a club?
Nope…too much trouble…I love being able to come in, do my thing, and leave

6. Name one thing people don’t know about DJ Sunup Jones
I love football…been playing for 21 years…even played arena football

Zen and Pub 035

7. What’s your most memorable moment being in KC?
When I first moved to KC I did a show with DJ Fresh and afterwards he said I was nice…that really stuck with me

8. What would be your ideal gig?
Spinning in Vegas…it’s a party city…everybody comes to party

9. What would you tell all the up-and-coming DJs?
Work on your craft…

10. Turn Tables or Serato?
I prefer Turn Tables…it feels more natural


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