Jus Jay vs. Bobby J

Bobby J: Jus Jay's Grandma has a Sex Tape out with Smokey Robinson!

Jus Jay: Shout out to Bobby J's Grandma.... She is the first female
to pledge to be a Que Dawg... her line name is "Throwback"

Bobby J: Jus Jay's Grandma uses Auto Tune when she gives head. So when she Moans and say's 'Bust it wide open, bring it back Nigga!' it sounds like a Hit Single!

Jus Jay: Bobby J's Grandma is about to retire from her job this Saturday after 34 years of service... Thats right she will no longer be pulling her Christmas Light Carriage through the Plaza any more....We shall miss her

Bobby J: Jus Jay's Grandma just signed her 2 year Album Deal with the Stallionaires.. You can hear her new single during the opening credits of Real Chance of Love 2.

Jus Jay: For those people who love the TV show Martin... I'm here to tell you that Bobby J's Grandma was suppose to play the role of BIG SHIRLEY but she couldn't once she informed the producers she was diabetic

Bobby J: Jus Jay's Grandma looks like Kizzy from ROOTS! Hahahaaaaaaa..

Jus Jay: Bobby J's Grandma was the last person to use Furious Styles tub and made Trey have to clean it up

Catch them live August 26, 2009 at the KC Improv at Zona Rosa

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  1. you can go online to improvkc.com or call 816-587-4500 to get the tickets....