During our Q&A Bobby J tells us about The Golden Girls and his Pornstar Step-dad

Q: What’s your favorite 80’s television show?
A: Golden Girls, I love the writing, no other women's television show can hold a match to them…classic.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
A: Me and my boy had a show to do in Topeka and on the way there me and my girl got into it. So she just left us, I had my draws in there and everything. We did the show anyway and she came back like nothing was wrong, like it never happened.

Q: What's the funniest porno you’ve ever seen?
A: I don’t think it was the funniest one I’ve ever seen, but it was for sure the saddest one. It was of my step-dad and this lady; It was like 20yrs ago. We used to have the VCR that popped up at the top. It was pretty bad.

Q: What’s your favorite line from"Berry Gordon’s: The Last Dragon"?
A: "Hey my man, what it be like". I liked the scene where the Chinese guys are dancing outside and that funny music is playing. "Sock it to me, I sock it to you". I just watched that yesterday.

Q: Favorite comedian?
A: Eddie Murphy…

Q: Not Richard Pryor?
A: You know what I just saw my first Richard Pryor stand-up 3yrs ago. I always loved his movies but never saw a stand-up. I got to see "Live on the Sunset Strip", and now I see what everyone was talking about. But I loved Raw, his stories, his stage presence…I can re-enact his whole set.

Q: How’s your grandma doing?
A: Man, that bitch owes me like $5, I need to catch up with her so I can get my money. For real, she’s real supportive, she supports everything I do, but her Alzheimer's be acting up and I get tired of telling her ass the same shit over and over. She's always telling me I need a job and I tell her I'm a comedian. "Well how do you make money?" I got this DVD. "Oh I’ll buy your DVD baby!" She’s buys my DVD every other day. Now I just do it for a extra income.

Thanks for your time Bobby

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  1. Bobby J, is so fuuny... We just saw him tonight, GREAT SHOW...